rukuka designer

Threadapeutic has been committed to sustainable textile innovation since our inception in 2015. We craft contemporary bags, scarves, and soft furnishings only out of leftover fabric from the fashion industry. No two creations are alike. Each piece is designed to highlight the unique temperaments of the materials from which it is made. 

We are a small band of local artisans who love experimenting with textile. Working out of a humble workshop in West Jakarta, we are constantly exploring the creative application of fabric. We keep our doors open to people of diverse backgrounds who wish to learn from our experience, including designers, persons with physical disabilities, and refugees.

Each Threadapeutic product has its own journey. Once we receive leftover textiles from garment makers, we explore how best to celebrate the properties of each remnant. Our raw materials form the heart of our craft. Through rigorous experimentation and careful composition, we constantly push the aesthetic and functional properties of our textiles. Nothing is mass produced. This gives each of our products its own distinct character just like you.

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